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● A predictable daily routine
● A happier baby who is not overtired and cranky
● Age-appropriate, longer naps
● Longer stretches of night sleep
● Fewer active nightwakings
● Healthier sleep overall
● Greater attachment with your baby
● More joy, rest and connection as a family

The predictable routine, which usually includes an early, age-appropriate bedtime, means that you will also have clear pockets of time in the day for your own work, for me time and to spend time with your partner.

My solutions and advice are steeped in the science of normal infant biology, the art of parenting according to our instincts and years of experience with my own children and hundreds of others, honing, tweaking and enhancing my approach. My advice will always follow:

● A baby’s natural cues
● The prents’ loving instincts. I won’t ask you to ignore or override these!
● A blend of traditional wisdom and latest scientific research
● Biologically normal, baby-led practices
● No-cry methods
● No sleep training or self-settling

Well, actually, yes, I do. There are some very interesting and surprisingly simple things we can do that give us instant and dramatic improvement in baby sleep. Some things can also take a bit longer and need a shift in approach. But there will absolutely be dramatic improvement.
No, I offer only biologically normal sleep counselling, which is very different from traditional, harsh sleep training. Sleep training – which promotes cry-it-out or controlled crying or some other method to “teach” babies to sleep – is a multi-million dollar industry and is present all over the place. It’s not surprising that most parents assume that any baby sleep expert is basically going to tell them to do things that go against their instincts, make them feel distinctly uncomfortable and distress their babies. Anyone who knows me will confirm that my advice is the very anti-thesis of sleep training. I provide solutions that work, methods that are effective without any sleep training. I follow only biologically normal infant sleep practices and methods steeped in love and connection.

No, it isn’t that either. “Gentle sleep training” is honestly an oxymoron. Sleep training goes by many names – like “cry-it-out”, “extinction”, “controlled crying”, or gentler sounding ones like “pick up put down”, “camping out”, “shuffle”, “crying in arms”, “the chair method”, “responsive settling”, etc. Then there are the recommendations to put baby down “drowsy but awake” or to “break sleep associations” or simply “habits”. There is also the logical sounding recommendation to “teach baby to sleep”.

Anything that causes crying – a little or a lot – is harmful. It is downright distress.

“Teaching a baby to self-soothe” is completely unscientific as babies have an underdeveloped neocortex (thinking brain) and are UNABLE to self-soothe. Connecting sleep cycles and sleeping through the night are milestones, just like crawling, talking or walking. They cannot be taught. They occur in their own time. Your baby calling out for you isn’t a bad habit. It is an age-appropriate biological need that they outgrow with time.

Your baby does not need to learn to sleep. It is not a “skill” that parents need to impart. Sleep is biological. It occurs naturally if natural conditions are met.

I totally understand this concern. We feel that baby sleep, like all of parenting, should be intuitive and that it’s strange to seek professional help to tell us how to handle our own baby. After all, parents have been raising babies for generations without any “expert advice”. The fact is, though, that baby sleep is an art and a science and modern society is not aligned with a baby’s biological needs. So, while it is definitely possible to figure it out ourselves, consulting a specialist shortens the learning curve, helps cut through all the misinformation available and prevents a lot of needless experimentation

Sadly, parents fear judgment every day. Is this sleep expert going to tell me I shouldn’t be nursing my baby to sleep? Is she going to be shocked at how I have absolutely no schedule for my baby? Is she going to judge me for being a failure? No, no and no. All my counselling sessions are based on empathy, discussion and mutual understanding. What’s more, after having interacted with thousands of parents, I can assure you that nothing is going to shock me. I can guarantee that, whatever you may be throwing at me, I have seen much worse. It is not my job to dwell on the “mistakes” you may have made. I can assure you that I know all the mis-steps, all the myths, all the common practices. I know how confusion is possible even though each one of us does our very best for our babies. It is my job to provide solutions, explanations and support. It is my endeavour that you leave each session feeling heard, supported and filled with optimism about the road ahead.

Yes, I work with twins! Twins are included in the pricing – 2 for the price of 1! Since you have twins, it’s only fair that you get a break!
I do, and since two different ages need a longer discussion, the time and the price are 1.5x that of one baby.
Whether you have a baby or a toddler, sleep plays an important developmental role. Sleep is as important as food and, yet, somehow it does not receive the same mindful attention from parents. Often, parents are advised to let the child stay up until they drop off to sleep or to skip nap times to have an early bedtime or to reduce nightwakings. This advice usually backfires but is also developmentally potentially harmful. Good sleep is important for physical growth (the growth hormone is secreted during sleep), lower chances of obesity, heart protection, stronger immunity (proteins called cytokines, the building blocks of immunity, are produced during sleep), better attention spans, greater ability to learn and higher brain growth amongst other things. Night sleep and day sleep have different functions so naps play a vital role as well.
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