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The 4 Month Sleep Regression in babies

The 4 month sleep regression is the first of the major regressions. If it’s taken you by surprise, worry not, help is here! In this video, I explain what it is, how to recognize, what causes it and how to handle it. This developmental milestone also It marks a shift from newborn sleep to infant sleep, which means that we need to change the way in which we manage our babies’ sleep as well!

Sleep regressions and how to cope

Sleep regressions are normal sleep milestones that all babies experience. They occur at times of developmental leaps, so sleep regresses while baby progresses! In this video, I talk about whether or not sleep regressions truly exist, what causes these sleep disturbances, when they occur, how to spot them and how to tackle them.

5 most common questions parents ask me about their baby’s sleep

After working with thousands of parents, I know which concerns are at the top of your mind! Here are the 5 most commonly asked questions about baby sleep, along with my responses.


Does your baby wake up for long blocks of time at night?

Does your baby wake at night and not get soothed back to sleep easily? There is usually a cause for this that can be easily addressed. I explain the difference between normal brief wakings, active wakings and what we can do to avoid the latter. Watch my video about brief wakings, where I talk about “Why does my baby wake repeatedly at night?”.


Why does my baby wake repeatedly at night? (Brief wakings)

This is the burning question on every new parent’s mind! Is it hunger? Is it “bad sleep habits”? Is it normal? I explain the most basic of causes in this video. Watch my video about active night wakings, where I talk about “Does your baby wake up for long blocks of time at night?”.

My Baby Sleep Journey and Philosophy

Who am I and what drew me to baby sleep? What is my baby sleep philosophy? Do my methods really work? Find out everything you need to know in this video!

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