Thank you for everything you have taught me, thank you for teaching me how important my baby’s sleep is for her health and wellbeing and also for giving me so many tips and so many ideas on how I can make it better. You have not just helped with her sleep, you have helped me […]

Himani, thank you so much for guiding me to understand what gentle baby-led sleeping is all about. I know I have benefited so much and so has my daughter. Please continue all the great work you are doing to empower and encourage all moms out there.

I got in touch with Himani through her Facebook group, Gentle Baby Sleep India. My child was around 3 months old then and I was absolutely clueless about my child’s sleep patterns and wondered why my little one would JUST NOT SLEEP,  unless held. Himani was always a text away and was extremely patient and […]

I was sleep deprived, exhausted and almost on the verge of falling into depression when I met Himani. She made sure that I am not ignoring my baby’s cues and made me understand that she is such a tiny baby and fulfilling her needs is my responsibility. Himani made me understand sleep basics. She constantly […]

Can’t recommend Himani enough! She is godsent for new parents whose babies haven’t achieved the sleep milestone. I have messaged her with zillion questions so far and she has always responded promptly. Her advice is always so practical and gentle. I don’t know what I would have done without her support .

I highly recommend consulting Himani when it comes to your li’l one’s sleep and overall well being. Not only is her recommendation on point, it’s also tailored best suited to your lifestyle and your life as parents. Her suggestions are almost 100% effective and I’m not kidding. It felt great to have someone to reach […]

I wasn’t very confident about getting my little one to a sleep routine as I had issues with his sleep right from the beginning. It was of great help to have learnt a lot from Himani.

Would totally recommend Himani’s expertise to any new parent needing help with their baby’s sleep. She listened and understood my questions with care and was totally friendly.  Her suggestions were truly beneficial and she helped me a lot in understanding my baby’s sleep needs. She’s provided clarity on many myths about baby’s sleep and it’s […]